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The Diary of Ephe Runetotem

the road to hell is paved with good intentions

Ephe Runetotem
17 October
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((Here are the journals of Ephe Runetotem and Tanthos Lightwind; their details are as follows:

Ephe - Her journal is written in Taurahe in a beaten leatherbound book, stained with herbs and slightly scorched. It clasps, clumsily, but otherwise has no remarkable form of protection on it.

Tanthos - Written in a form of coded shorthand Thalassian that he created. The journal is clearly old, but otherwise unremarkable on the outside, and has a spell to conceal spells, as well as layers and layers of various protection spells. There's no particular sense or order to them, but it is heavily warded to do everything from a powerful blast strong enough to knock anyone back...to turning someone's skin a virulent shade of violet. The journal itself has been stashed away in a very secure place.))